Our head brewer, Josh Garner, worked in the beer and natural food industries and started brewing Kombucha in 2006. His love of craft brewing runs to his core, and when he met Brian McKinney and Caleb Hanson in 2011 (two friends who had been home brewing beer for years), the three started brewing kombucha at home together. When friends, neighbors and co-workers tried their homebrewed kombucha, they confirmed what the trio already felt to be true: Their kombucha was more delicious than anything else on the market. BCJ Beverage was formed, and by the time Upstart hit stores in March of 2014, we had a plan to bring our delicious brand of kombucha to the widest audience we could.

Our company

Based in Boulder, Upstart Kombucha is still a small company with the values and drive that make local companies great. We believe in taking care of our employees, valuing our customers and supporting our community. We are committed to being open and honest about our product and our company.